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  • DUI Lawyer Kimberly Berry Attorney Profile About DUI Attorney Kimberly Berry Kimberly Berry has successfully represented individuals charged with DUI and other related drug and alcohol crimes in hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases. She has experience conducting hearings and motions in courts throughout the state of Georgia and maintains an aggressive trial practice defending those wrongly accused of…
  • DUI Lawyer Richard Lawson Attorney Profile About DUI Attorney Richard Lawson Richard Lawson is a Georgia DUI lawyer with a practice that specializes only in DUI offences. He is a former Prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney, and Assistant Solicitor General. These experiences have allowed him to master both sides of DUI trials. His in depth knowledge of tactics used by…
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  • DUI Lawyer Alpharetta GA Welcome to DUI Lawyer Alpharetta Ga. DUI Lawyer Alpharetta    16 Years Experience If you need a DUI lawyer in Alpharetta Georgia you have found the right place.  A DUI can be life changing. If you have been charged with DUI, it is very important that you contact an experienced and knowledgeable Alpharetta DUI lawyer to…
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