Lightning Start



So many of the people that I have dealt with on the help desk have had the same problem.




That’s it. Once they are over the hump, they take off running. Getting a lens up and published seems to be the hitch in the game.

So after talking it over with Jennifer, I decided that the best way to fix this is to offer to build that lens for you.





This service offers you one lens on the Amazon product of your choosing.


This lens will be built using the Squidlightning method as described in Module 4 of the One Week Marketing Training Center titled fast tracking with Gary.


You need to read that entire chapter and watch the videos to know exactly what you will get.


The lens will be built in my account and transferred to the purchaser once completed.



*A completed Lightning Start lens will have YOUR affiliate link to Amazon, not mine.


*A completed lens will be published in Squidoo at the time of transfer (green check)


*A completed lens will be indexed in Google.


*A completed lens will be listed on the Squidlightning page (for backlinks)



Once the lens is transferred it belongs to you.   There is no guarantee of ranking on these lenses.  My recommendation is

to give the lens 10 days and see how it ranks.  Many of my Squidlightning lenses rank well the way they are.

When I was teaching this method to Lee (Mr. Potpie Girl) he made his first sale in about 9 days from making his

Squidlightning lenses. The potential is there.  However, some do not rank just the way they are.  There are many variables.

You can go back and add to the lens or edit the lens and implement Logan’s or Potpie Girl’s methods to make these lenses

even better if you choose.  The possibilities are endless.


What I hope to accomplish here is to get people jump started into this training as well as give them a model to follow if they

want to continue to build Squidlightning lenses.







Now for the disclaimers:

I can’t take it back, so there will be no refunds.  Once payment is received,

 reserving a lens title and the keyword research will begin.

I will not edit the lens anymore after it is transferred.

There is no guarantee of sales, profitability or ranking with a Lightning Start Lens.

You must allow 10 (ten) days to receive the transfer email of the lens.

I will not use or copy any ideas that are provided me.  I will not accept any

ideas that I currently have a lens for.  I won’t compete with myself.

If you do not answer the transfer email, I will hold the lens for 30 days.

After 30 days I will consider the lens abandoned and will do with it as I please, which may include transferring, selling,

modifying, keeping or deleting.

Prior to paying for a Lightning Lens, please ask any and all questions.  There will be no refunds.  You are

paying for a service that can not be undone, not buying a lens.


Get you Lightning Lens


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