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I get asked all the time in the help desk about Squidoo lenses getting ranked in Google. People want to know about all the tricks and tips to get a lens ranked. How many back links do you need? Can you buy links? (NO!) and all the other “get ranked #1″ programs out there. The truth of the matter is that Squidoo does most of the work for you. You simply have to know what to put in the lens. Squidoo is a huge sight with some millions of pages. They have specialized magazines that they put pages in. Squidoo has page after page that simply lists lenses. They list by category and sub category and sub sub category. Each one being another page on their all to powerful site.


Can you just build a million pages and have a super site? Not exactly. This is where Squidoo beats the competition. Google seems to have a lot of love for Squidoo, and I think I know why. First, Squidoo controls the content. All of it. They will not allow the repeat of the same topic over and over again, especially the topics that swirl around the rim of spam like get your x back or lose weight magically. They even go so far as to limit the number of lenses that they show to Google. That is where you get the red/green, published/work in progress list in your dashboard.


It seems Squidoo will only offer the top 400K lenses to Google. Think about that for a second. Squidoo updates every day. More and more lenses are built every day. 400k lenses are all that can be green. This means that for every new published lens, someones lens is getting bumped above the 400k mark and getting moved to “work-in-progress”. That kinda makes you happier about those lenses in the 200k range. At least they are safe. Squidoo also is very strict on the number of links that they will allow in your lens. Another favor for Google. Squidoo stays ahead of the changes in Google and the mission that Google seems to be on with all these algorithm changes. I am not exactly sure what Google is trying to do, except maybe make Bing a larger market share. None the less, Squidoo is the teachers pet and for that, they often get moved to the head of the class without much or any outside help.


The best tool you have to make you lenses stronger? You. Your lensmaster page is a powerful tool in that it links to every lens you have. Google indexes lensmaster pages. My lensmaster page on one of my accounts is a page rank 3. That means every lens I make gets a backlink from a page link 3 site the moment it gets published. The more lenses you build that stay green, the better your pagerank will be on your lensmaster page. You also have the ability to add links to that page in the About You section.


So stop stressing about how you are going to get ranked with your lens, most of the work has been done for you. Instead, read the training from One Week Marketing with Squidlightning in it and follow HOW to put the lens together so Squidoo likes it and Google likes it.


If you don’t have the training, get it. Here is a link:

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